Patent infringement risk notice

In  response to the company's patented products currently sold on the  market, we have issued a solemn warning to all entities infringing  intellectual property rights, companies, enterprises, other economic  organizations or individuals, as well as media that authorizes the  publishing of our patented products. Requires immediate stop of advertising, plagiarism, counterfeiting and sales. Otherwise,  our company will retain the media advertisements posted by the  infringing party, including the purchase of related products, as  evidence preservation, and submit an appraisal complaint to the  intellectual property agency at the appropriate time, and may apply for  intellectual property rights department or related legal administrative  department to conduct the actions of the infringer. The protection of the rights of the parties, and all legal consequences arising therefrom, shall be borne by the infringer.
In order to prevent others from plagiarizing and protecting  their own intellectual property rights, our company has applied for the  relevant patents to the State Intellectual Property Office of the  People's Republic of China, and the State Intellectual Property Office  has approved our related patent applications (see the attachment for  details).
According  to Article 11 of the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China,  after an invention and utility model patent right has been granted, no  entity or individual may carry out its patent without the permission of  the patentee, except as otherwise provided for by this Law. Business  purpose Manufacturing, use, promise sales, sales, import of its  patented products, or use its patented methods and use, promise sales,  sales, import products directly obtained according to the patented  method. Any violation of this provision is a tort, and we will pursue legal responsibility according to law. The  amount of compensation for infringement of a patent right is determined  according to the loss suffered by the right holder as a result of the  infringement or the benefit obtained by the infringer from infringement;  if the loss of the infringed person or the benefit obtained by the  infringer is difficult to determine, reference shall be made to the  royalty of the royalty of the patent. The multiple is reasonably determined. The reason why many illegal manufacturers boldly violate the law is because of the temptation of high profits. However, according to the provisions of Article 65 of the  "Patent Law" of China, it is clear that high profits mean high  compensation.
According  to the "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" of the People's Republic of China,  the acts of counterfeiting our company and advertising and sales in the  media have constituted acts of unfair competition. Our company can  apply for intellectual property rights department or related legal  administrative department to the infringer. Infringement protects our company's patent rights, and all legal consequences arising therefrom are borne by the infringer. Our  company has the right to require the infringer to immediately stop  advertising, plagiarize and sell our company's patented products. Otherwise,  our company will retain media advertisements published by the infringer  and purchase related products as evidence preservation. Appropriate  appraisal and complaints will be filed with the intellectual property  organs when appropriate, and may apply for intellectual property rights  department or related legal administrative department to perform the  acts of the infringers. All the legal consequences arising from the protection of our  company’s patent rights are the economic responsibility of the  infringer.
Patent holder: Shanghai Feizhou Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
                               Xiamen Gao Feike Technology Co., Ltd.