"Location + Joint Open Laboratory" established Tencent Location Service Enablement Partner

Column:Industry information Time:2018-03-01
On November 8th, 2017, Tencent Global Partners Conference “Creation, Location, and Vehicles Sub-forum” was held in Chengdu. At this conference, Tencent’s location service was fully upgraded in terms of data, capabilities, and solutions.

On  November 8th, 2017, Tencent Global Partners Conference “Creation,  Location & Vehicles Sub-forum” was held in Chengdu. At this  conference, Tencent’s location service was upgraded and released in all  aspects of data, capabilities, and solutions. Reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide support for social and public services. At the same time, Tencent Location Services announced the  establishment of a "position + joint open laboratory", with a more open  attitude to the ability of partners to output.
      National  Development and Reform Commission Institute of Integrated  Transportation, HERE Map, NavInfo, New U.S., Mobi, G7, Dada, China Post  and other institutions and enterprises have become the first partners of  “Location + Joint Open Laboratory”. In the future, Tencent Location Services will work with partners to  improve industrial efficiency, reduce operating costs, create a healthy  and healthy industry environment, and jointly build a location  ecological value system.
      Establishment of "Location + Joint Open Laboratory"
      Wang  Ming, Director of the Institute of Integrated Transport, National  Development and Reform Commission, Kirk Mitchell, Vice President Global  Sales of HERE Maps, Liang Yongjie, Vice President of NavInfo, Ma Yuren,  President of G7, Zhong Xiangping, Vice President of Tencent, and Xie  Jianjia, Deputy General Manager of Tencent's Mobile Internet Marketing  Department Witnessed the opening ceremony of "Location + Joint Open Laboratory".
Position service capability upgrade Enabling all walks of life
       As  one of Tencent's “Internet+” four basic capabilities, Tencent’s  location service is a key investment direction of Tencent in recent  years. At present, the average daily call volume of location services  has reached 55 billion times, not only empowering businesses, but also  helping smart retailers. Wechat, Hand Q, Jingdong, Didi Chuxing, Xinmei, Mobai and other APP  provide basic services to help China Post, Dada and other logistics  companies improve service efficiency, and continue to provide service  platform exploration and innovation.
      This  time, a number of partners were established to establish a "location +  joint open laboratory", Tencent location service will further open up  and share advanced technology experience, provide quota support and  location service advanced capabilities to the laboratory members,  provide better quality of service and protection, members Tencent location service team can also be customized requirements, joint R & D to deepen industry solutions.
In  the face of emerging innovation scenarios and emerging technologies,  Tencent will work with partners to form a joint innovation project team  to conduct research and development incubation of innovative  applications, deepen industry solutions, and incubate innovative  location service products. At  the same time, Tencent will also jointly explore data cooperation and  capacity building for the whole industry, enhance the location service  data ecosystem, and promote the overall advancement of industry  standards while improving the technical capabilities of laboratory  members.